Nahzy Tabrizi was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977. In 2005 she moved to the United States while her family remained in Iran. She has studied art at Azad University in Iran and earned her B. A. in Art from the University of California Northridge in 2016.

As a woman living in Iran, Nahzy felt the strain of everyday life with every breath that she took. She took to drawing as a young child, and developed her skills as a painter over time. Some of her first drawings were of faces without mouths, as her place in society was recognized at an early age. The calmness and empowerment that she obtained by producing her work was the only thing that kept her going, and it became her main focus as a teen. The war between Iran and Iraq also had a profound impact on her and further compelled her to concentrate on her artwork.

Nahzy now resides in southern California where she continues to follow her passion of producing and studying art. Much of her work embodies themes of nature, depicting serenity and tranquility but also invoking feelings of wariness. Showing her desire to be at peace shadowed by a towering past, she strives to secure a calmness but is ever aware of the impossibility.